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We’re an online selling platform that leverages video for retailers and consumers.

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Enhance your customer experience

Listvid started with the idea that sales content can be made more compelling in video format. Whether it’s on social media or news websites, people are drawn to get information online by watching and listening rather than reading. As a technology company, Listvid brings this concept to an online retail platform that lets businesses market their products with video listings. Visually interesting content with dynamic narrative engages customers in a way that text and images can’t do on their own.

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Better commerce through the power of video

We believe that video listings give retailers a better edge in showcasing their inventory by immersing customers in the product. In turn, the customer gets a better experience by learning about the product in a more engaging way. Our goal is to provide an eCommerce platform that is adapted to how online shoppers like to get information. We welcome small businesses as well as larger commercial vendors to experience how video can transform the way you sell your products online.

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“Market your products in a dynamic and provoking virtual space.”


High-Performance Platform

Our site is reliable and fast so you can get your video listings up in no time and customers can easily view your products.


Unique Advertising Through Video

Our ecommerce site is like no other. With a focus on video advertisements, you can showcase your products dynamically and better engage with customers.


Diverse Pricing Options

Choose from one of several pricing options for posting individual videos, or opt for a subscription to our site to post more.


Direct Contact with Consumers

We make quick sales possible. Potential customers interested in your products can contact your directly through our site.


Exposure to More Online Shoppers

Our platform showcases your products to potential buyers around the globe and increases your brand’s notoriety.


Reliable Customer Support

Having trouble using Listvid? Contact our customer support for a speedy resolution.

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