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We’re an online selling platform that leverages video for retailers and consumers.


Did you know that buyers are twice as likely to purchase a product that has a video?

If you sell online, you already know what a good platform can do for your sales. Whether you’re an online business, a small retailer or just a person selling stuff, you need to stand out from the rest so that people are compelled to buy from you and not the other guy.

That’s where Listvid comes in.

There are many great reasons to sell on Listvid. Here’s just a few:

  • Videos are the best way to showcase your products
  • Showcasing your product with a video helps you stand out
  • Videos are better than photographs because they tell the whole story
  • Videos elicit more positive responses
  • Videos offer a more immersive experience
  • Most people would rather watch a video than read text
  • Videos will super-charge your marketing campaign
  • Videos give you more insight into how your product is being received
  • Videos will increase your product sales by more than 160%

Listvid is a way for sellers of all kinds to showcase their products on a dynamic, video-centric platform that is dedicated to eCommerce. It’s not a replacement for your business website, but it will enhance your value in the market, much like an online advertising campaign.

Buyers that might not normally find your site will discover you on Listvid as they browse through thousands of product videos to find the items they want or need. You’ll be growing your audience, selling more products, and building loyalty with every single view.

Listvid is a dynamic concept that was created for the way people shop, research, and compare online. It’s designed to give people exactly what they want and to drive sales through media marketing.

Listvid is here to support you, the seller, with options that just aren’t available on other selling platforms.

Getting started is easy. Whether you want to launch with just one or two videos, or if you want to get your whole store inventory online, there are plenty of plan options to choose from.

Your first post is always free

We offer a free post to all of our new members so you can get the hang of our workflow and see how your videos are going to be displayed on the site. Simply use the discount code ad1 during the sign-up process.

Once your video goes live, you will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other online sellers in your niche and can start making money right away.

Marketing your products is easy with Listvid

It’s more than just a great idea whose time has come. Studies show that videos increase sales by 160% over ads that do not contain videos, so why not take advantage of that today?

All you have to do is upload your video, complete the listing, and we’ll do the rest. Your video can be as simple as a 360˚ product shot, or you can add titles and descriptions to make it fancy.

It’s a great way to showcase your business and an even better way to win new customers.

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