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Q. Is this website secure?

A. Yes, click on both links to verify our security McAfee Secure 

Q. What is the best way to sell my product?

A. We recommend you post a live video and image of your product. 

Q. Why should I pay for Listvid Ad versus a free service Ad to post my listings?

A. We know as a seller you would not post junk for an Ad you are paying for, and plus your customer will have the chance to see a live video of your product. 

Q. When will my Ad expire?

A. Video Ad1 and Video Ad3 is a one-year Subscription 

Q. How can I upload my Video or Image?

A. You can upload your files from your Desktop Computer, Mobile Phone, or Tablet. 

Q. What size must my video be to upload?

A. Ad1 max size 30MB, Ad2 max size 70MB and Ad3 max size 70MB. 

Q. How can I get the correct video size to load?

A. We recommend you use the VGA size 640X480 setting to record your video. 

Q. How long can my Video Ad time frame play?

A. Your video time frame depends on the video setting size that you record at to fit in your video Purchase package. 

Q. My Video will not upload?

A. Check the size of your video and my sure it is not over the MB size of your Purchase package. 

Q. Is there software to convert my video or image?

A. You can visit the following websites

(http://www.freemake.com) or (https://www.movavi.com) to try their free software to convert your files. 

Q. What size must my image be to upload?

A. Your image must be 1200X800 to upload in your Dashboard. 

Q. How do I turn off my Flash in my browser. 

A. Go to your browser setting and turn off your Flash option. Enable Adobe Flash Player in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera https://www.thewindowsclub.com/enable-adobe-flash-player  


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